Synthetix and Optimism Launch Synthetix.Exchange L2 Demo on OVM

Synthetix and Optimism Launch Synthetix.Exchange L2 Demo on OVM


Synthetix & Optimism announce the release of the Synthetix.Exchange L2 demo.

The crypto-backed synthetic asset platform Synthetix & Ethereum layer-2 research team Optimism partner to release a new demo of Synthetix.Exchange L2 on Optimistic Virtual Machine (OVM).

OVM is a layer-2 scaling solution, which is specifically developed to provide DeFi financial platforms the option to operate with comparable speeds to centralized systems. This integration is a sign of OVM power to provide fast Ethereum transactions and empower the trading experience of Synthetix.

As Synthetix reports, during this demo, there will be a trading contest on, and the reward is set to be 50,000 SNX. With this competition, Optimism & Synthetix have an intention to stimulate traders to get familiar with the OVM. The contest is set to be run from 5 to 19 of the current month, and the winners will be awarded after May 19, within a week.

As it’s stated, after the demo version is complete, the 2 sides of are planning to use the experience & feedback, and keep working on the integration.


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