Apple Inc. Holding Talks with OpenAI to Integrate AI Features on IOS 18

Apple Inc. has initiated talks with the developer of ChatGPT OpenAI to integrate the artificial intelligence (AI) features on IOS 18. The primary objective of integrating the AI feature is to boost the iPhone’s speed. 

According to Bloomberg, the Apple team is having intense discussion with the OpenAI team to explore ways to integrate AI feature into the IOS technology. 

Apple Inc. Plans to Integrate AI Features on iPhone

The announcement came at a time when the giant tech company plans to create its large language model (LLM) to boost the performance and efficiency of IOS 18. During the ongoing talks, Apple and OpenAI discussed integrating chatbot or search components into its latest iPhone.

The talks came days after Apple and Google were planning to license Gemini. The two tech companies contemplates on leveraging Google’s AI-oriented chatbot Gemini for its iOS 18. The Bloomberg team confirmed that the talks between Apple and Google were still ongoing.

Even though Apple has not settled on which AI tool that will perfectly blend with the proposed iOS 18, the tech company is expected to provide its final decision.

Market critics argued that Apple would license OpenAI and Google AI technologies or settle for none. The Apple team has shown no interest in integrating the AI feature for months. 

Growing Demand for AI Tools

With the latest news, Apple has joined other tech heavyweights in integrating AI technologies into their businesses. In an earlier post, the chief executive of Apple.Inc. Tim Cook announced plans to invest heavily in AI technology. 

The executive confirmed that Apple could partner with other companies to integrate advanced technologies such as AI. Cook added that the newly launched M3 MacBook Air will become the leading consumer laptop for AI. 

The CEO confessed that the tech company plans to launch AI-inspired laptops and desktops this year. Apple’s LLMs will support the proposed launching of these AI-fueled laptops. 

Even though the CEO did not disclose much details on the AI features on iPhone and other devices, it seems Apple will invest heavily in developing artificial intelligence technologies. A recent study to demonstrate AI capabilities demonstrated that generative AI tools were unreliable while AI gadgets such as Humane AI pins created disastrous reviews. 

Despite the shortcomings of AI technologies, the Apple team seems interested in this technology. In May last year, the director of machine learning at Apple Inc. Ian Goodfellow revealed plans to leave his role after the tech company to return to the in-person working system.

AI Development Subjects Tech Companies to Fierce Competition

Earlier, the Apple team implemented in-office working policy that required the employees to work from their respective working stations. The resignation of Goodfellow created professional gaps at Apple, forcing the company to reassess its strategy.

Since 2022, the Apple team has extensively researched and developed AI-related projects. A review of the company website depicts that Apple has launched around 8 LLMs equipped with code and training logs. 

Despite Apple’s commitment to developing AI and machine learning technologies, the tech company struggles to outpace the LLMs developed by its top rivals, OpenAI’s ChatGPT and Google’s Gemini.

As the tech industrycontinues to become more competitive, Apple’s top rival, Microsoft, gained a strategic advantage after partnering with OpenAI. According to a recent report, Microsoft’s market capitalization reached $3.019 trillion, followed by Apple with a total market value of $2.614 trillion.

However, to gain a competitive edge in an already crowded market, the Apple team has intensified its effort to enter into a generative AI partnership. The ongoing search for suitable partners for developing generative AI prepares Apple for its Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) scheduled for June 2024. 

The event will be held at Apple Park with the aim of building strong social networks between the company developers, students, and other professionals in the software development field. At the event, the Apple team presents its latest development and showcases cutting-edge products.

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