WizeCapital Review – Why Choose WizeCapital.com as Your Brokerage? WizeCapital.com Review

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WizeCapital.com Review

Whether you want to trade forex currencies, shares or commodities, you need to find a broker. It is true that the market is full of options when it comes to brokerages, but this doesn’t mean you can pick one out of a hat. There are both good and bad brokers in the market and it is your job, as a trader, to distinguish which broker works well for you. Every trader has different priorities and a broker that suits others may not work out for you. Amongst the various options in the market, WizeCapital is also a broker offering its services to traders all over the world.

This brokerage was founded by Global Solutions Ltd, which is based in Belgrade. As compared to other brokers in the market, WizeCapital is relatively new and this can often make traders doubtful. However, it seems that the broker is gaining popularity amongst the masses. Why is this so? Why should you choose this broker? Some of the reasons to consider WizeCapital as your brokerage are:

  • This broker lets you use the best trading platform

The trading platform offered by a brokerage can often be the make or break factor in a trader’s choice. You don’t want to use any new software as it could have a lot of issues or a learning curve. With WizeCapital, this doesn’t need to be a concern. This broker has chosen to go with the best because it wants its clients to have a smooth and seamless trading experience.

You can find the full suite of MetaTrader 4 platforms at WizeCapital, which includes the desktop client, WebTrader and mobile applications. Each of these versions come with powerful trading tools like technical indicators and advanced charting package, along with an intuitive and user-friendly interface. If you want to trade on the move, mobile apps can be used or you can choose the desktop version for sophisticated offerings.

  • This broker gives you access to thousands of instruments

WizeCapital provides its clients with access to some of the most diverse offerings in terms of trading instruments. If you compare this broker with others, you will realize that their asset index is much more extensive and appealing. You can choose to trade major, minor and exotic currency pairs at WizeCapital or you can trade global indices.

The broker also enables you to trade stocks of prominent companies, futures and bonds. Commodities including precious metal like gold are available as are energies like oil. But, what is most impressive about WizeCapital is their addition of cryptocurrencies to their offerings. This asset is rather new and most brokers only offer a couple of crypto, but WizeCapital offers you a substantial number. Hence, you will not run out of options and will have plenty of options to explore.

  • The broker puts a lot of emphasis on education

While you don’t have to have trading knowledge or experience to get started, these can certainly help you in making better and profitable decisions. WizeCapital wants its traders to enjoy maximum returns and to make it possible, the broker has provided them with access to some advanced resources. When you sign up with the broker, you will get access to an Online Academy where training videos are available on different topics related to trading.

Beginners and advanced traders can undoubtedly benefit from this information. In addition, the broker also offers Webinars that can also assist professional traders in learning something new. With greater knowledge, you will be able to improve your skills and strategies significantly. These can help you make better decisions and eliminate any mistakes you might be making.

  • The broker has multiple account options

You have the option of choosing from three account options provided by WizeCapital. Each of these offerings are for a different kind of trader and provides access to various tools and resources. Beginner account is the first option with a deposit requirement of $250. This one is for newbie traders and gives them access to basics like webinars and research reports. Advanced account comes next, which increases the deposit requirement to $5,000. Live sessions, account manager, online academy access and Expert Advisors are available through this account.

Those who trade professionally and have a lot of market experience would prefer the Experts account, the third and last option. You have to deposit $20,000 to open this account and it provides access to everything WizeCapital offers. Unlimited access to every tool and feature is available including the broker’s trading room.

  • The broker offers various payment solutions

You will have to deposit funds for starting your trading journey and would eventually have to withdraw when you make profits. WizeCapital has provided its clients with several payment solutions to choose from for both procedures. It doesn’t involve a lot of stages and steps and keeps the process quick and efficient. Three primary options can be explored; you can use debit or credit cards including Visa and MasterCard, choose modern payment solutions like Moneynet or choose traditional bank wire transfers. Deposits are free of charge, but withdrawal may incur some fee, depending on the method you choose. Likewise, the method determines the processing time taken by a transaction.

Final Thoughts

Considering these features of WizeCapital, it is quite easy to see why this broker can be a good choice for your trading. Along with these impressive features, the broker has also added some tools of its own, other than those included with the MT4 suite. It has also ensured that all clients can benefit from reliable customer support when required. Various channels can be used for getting in touch with the broker’s team if you need any assistance. Most importantly, WizeCapital has not made any compromises when it comes to ensuring the security of its platform. The registration process is quick and easy and it takes only a couple of minutes for traders to complete the process and begin trading.

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