Blockchain Education Programs Gain Traction Amid Crypto Bull Market

Following the resurgence of the crypto bulls, key market players have demonstrated their commitment to advancing their trading skills. In a May 7 update, the participants at  Women in Tech Global Summit 2024 (WITG) revealed plans for a significant development on its Web3 top-level domain (TLD). 

The proposed development will involve the integration of Unstoppable Domain on the TLD to enable the user to access educational materials and other training resources. 

Organizers for Women in Tech Global Summit Launching Blockchain Educational Program

The development will leverage the power of artificial intelligence (AI) and blockchain technology to give users a unique digital identity domain. During the meeting, the team behind the new development confirmed that theTLD upgrade will allow the users to build a “strong sense of community” to give women in tech a new recognition. 

The development will allow women in tech to build strong networks and explore viable opportunities. The collaborative approach on the WITG platform will offer the user mentorship and training sessions necessary to advance their career.

The WITG allows the user to leverage the powerful technology to learn tech. The primary objective of the education program is to offer women a platform where they can access the tools and resources necessary to navigate the digital sector.

The development came at a time when the demand for professionals in blockchain and crypto technologies has increased. In a recent survey by KuCoin, the young adults demonstrated an interest in pursuing courses in the blockchain and Web3 sectors.

The survey targeted young adults seeking to advance their careers. KuCoin noted that 88% of the 1900 respondents were interested in pursuing a career in blockchain technology, while 75% showed some interest in the Web3 sector. 

The survey report indicated that 15% of the respondents had over three years of experience in blockchain technology. The survey assessed whether Gen Z and Millenials were interested in blockchain and crypto technology.

Crypto Exchanges Investing in Education Programs to Build Sustainable Digital Economy

Months before the survey, the KuCoin team launched an education program to equip the learners with relevant skills in digital finance. KuCoin joins a slew of crypto exchanges seeking to prepare employees for future opportunities.

Earlier this week, the Bitget team commemorated its first anniversary of the Blockchain4Youth program. Entrenched to the Bitget principles, the Blockchain4Youth program supports the mainstream adoption of crypto and Web3 technologies among young adults.

At the event, the Bitget team was pleased to state that over 51 universities enrolled on the Blockchain4Youth program. The crypto exchange confirmed that over 2000 certificates would be issued to the participants who completed the Blockchain4Youth program. 

The Bitget team plans to offer more scholarship programs to individuals from less developed countries. The Blockchain4Youth initiative is expected to run till May 2028 to onboard more users to the blockchain and Web3 sectors.

Based on the transformative potential of crypto technology, the Bitget team anticipates offering more online courses and integrating successful stories on crypto projects to motivate young people to pursue careers in this field.

Significance of the Blockchain Education Program

The Bitget team believes that the millennials and GenZ have enormous potential to redefine the future of the crypto sector. The efforts to raise a crypto-savvy generation have challenged key market players, including the former Binance boss Changpeng “CZ” Zhao, to step in and offer an exclusive education program. 

Following his departure from the controversial crypto exchange Binance, Zhao revealed plans to invest in launching a not-for-profit education program, Giggle Academy. The new education program will target individuals from the vulnerable community to equip them with basic education.

The Giggle Academy will focus on equipping the learners with knowledge outside the traditional curricula. The program will utilize blockchain-oriented platforms to offer free formal schooling programs. 

On his X account,  Zhao hyped the new education program will represent Binance’s heritage. The executive told the X community that the Giggle Academy would symbolise growth, fun, and positive energy.  

Zhao’s belief in the revolutionary power of crypto and blockchain technology compelled him to launch an education program to build a sustainable and inclusive digital economy.

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