Stellar Purchases Chain Blockchain Platform For A Worth Of $500 Million

As per last announcement by Fortune, the new transaction has been made as part of Steller’s project  to get new engineers to advance their own blockchain growth. The Chain’s ‘Sequence’ service could be a precious supplement to the Stellar platform, suggesting ‘a ledger-as-a-service that enables organizations to securely track and transfer balances in a token format.’

This accounting service has an extensive number of programs and can be utilized to register business data for financing platforms, sites, asset managers, crypto exchanges, sharing economies and payment services.

With the Stellar Network able of transferring cross-country fees and payments applying their local XLM token, having a finished adapting accounting and registration systems could indicate that the Stellar Blockchain will be capable to set DLT functions through conventional monetary establishments, enabled  by their tested program token.

To some extent this work is formerly underway with some of Steller’s banking partner IBM, who has utilized the stellar network to create DLT items for their customers.

Passion above this news has already launched to have an impact on XLM’s cost. At the moment of writing, Stellar Lumens is up 2.02% and is by far the best player  in the top 10 cryptocurrencies currently.



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