Coinbase Office In Portland Plans To Hire 100 Employees

Coinbase, the cryptocurrency startup that assists clients to purchase and sell digital currencies, is opening its new office in Portland.

By the end of 2018 the San Francisco-located firm designs to hire about 100 employees in the Rose City.

In fact, Coinbase has more than 20 million clients who apply the platform to control their digital currency portfolio. It has elevated $217 million from investors such as Andreessen Horowitz, DFJ, BBVA, and others. The company has 400 employees and designs to achieve 800 this year. It also has offices in New York and Chicago.

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Tina Bhatnagar, Coinbase vice president of operations and technology, said in a statement: “Opening a new office in Portland will help us tap into the city’s incredibly talented, innovative open-source and blockchain communities. We look forward to engaging the city’s rich talent pool and its thriving tech community.”

The cryptocurrency business goes on to be a kind of Wild West. A number of cryptocurrency costs have decreased in last months; Bitcoin to $6,000 last week for the first time since February. Regulating authorities are as well to using its authority to stop this new type of payment.

However, others stay sure in the future of digital currencies — for instance, Andreessen Horowitz recently started a $300 million fund to invest capital in cryptocurrency-connected programs. Pursuant to PitchBook, 179 enterprise capital investors in the U.S. took part in at minimum one crypto startup transaction during the past two years.



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