Auradine Nets $80M in Series B Funding Round, Ahead of Bitcoin Halving

In its advanced announcement, the renowned Web infrastructure and crypto mining hardware development company Auradine announced the successful completion of an $80 million funding round. The April 10 series B funding round was led by fast-paced crypto and fintech companies. 

The participants included Celesta Capital, Marathon Digital Holdings, StepStone Group, Mayfield Fund and MVP Ventures. Other active participants were Maverick Capital and Top Tier Capital partners. The Auradine team described the Series B funding as an overbooked event with over $200 million in bookings. 

Auradine Yields $80M in Funding Round

A statement from the chief executive of Auradine Rajiv Khemani confirmed that the multimillion investment will be used in optimizing production. The CEO admitted that Auradine has gained recognition for its exemplary work of bringing innovation to the industry. 

The official applauded the Auradine team for developing cutting-edge products that are secure and cost-effective. Reflecting on Auradine’s customer base, the CEO was pleased to state that the giant tech firm boasts of having a strong relationship with its customers.

Khemani added that Auradine has been receiving strong orders and pipelines from its diverse customers. He believes that the $81 million investment will play a critical role in maximizing production capabilities and enhancing product development. 

Revisiting the 2023 Series A funding round, the CEO noted some similarities with the Series B funding round. He observed that both funding rounds generated $81 million, which comprised equity and debt.

In the previous funding round, the Auradine valuation reached $500 million. The CEO admitted that Auradine has been targeting to reach a $1 billion valuation in the coming days. He believes that the tech firm continues advancing the products to reach a large audience.The executive projected that Series B would yield $70 million but generated more.

A review of the Auradine website demonstrated that the company offers a complete suite of web infrastructure solutions, artificial intelligence (AI) applications and Teraflux miners. 

Bitcoin Miners Manufacturer Auradine Seeks to Optimize Production

In 2023, Auradine debuted the Teraflux Bitcoin miners to support the mining of crypto assets. Currently, the Auradine team have delivered its Teraflux miners to around 30 mining sites.

The Auradine has acquired a strategic advantage by leveraging advanced technology to boost the privacy, security and convenience of its products. The report indicates that the Auradine Miners version AI3680 has the massive potential of producing an output of 375TH/s and 15J/TH optimal efficiency. 

The Auradine AI3680 model ranks among the fastest miner, slightly above Bitmain’s Antiminers S21 Hydro model, which produces an output of 335 TH/s. In an earlier report, the Auradine revealed plans to ship two Teraflux ASIC miners in mid-year. 

Crypto Miners Prepare for 2024 Bitcoin Halving

The proposed shipment will consist of an AI3680 miner and an air-cooled AT2880 whose output ranges from 0 to 260 TH/s and optimal efficiency amounts to 16 J/TH. The shipment collides with the 2024 Bitcoin halving, which will reduce the miner’s rewards by half. 

To tap the benefits of the Bitcoin halving, the miners have invested heavily in acquiring new mining machinery to maximize production. Commenting on the 2024 Bitcoin halving, Khemani argued that halving will require more energy and will increase the demand for crypto assets. 

With the ongoing development of Auradine products, the CEO believes that its EnergyTune potentials, highest terahash capabilities and energy-saving silicons will perform best after the Bitcoin halving. 

In his statement Khemani noted that Auradine has emerged as the first product line for Bitcoin miners. To meet the ever-changing consumers’ needs, the CEO admitted that they would be launching more product that blends with the objective of most blockchain and AI firms like Quantum Asset AI

At the moment, the Auradine team is working on developing unique blockchain and AI products. The CEO expects the products under development to be launched soon. With the changes in the tech sector, the Auradine team plans to expand its workforce to increase performance.

The executive anticipates that Auradine will soon poach for professionals in the research and development (R&D) and supply chain divisions.

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