COBINHOOD Cryptocurrency Exchange Declares The Beta Launch Of Its Margin Trading Feature

CHOBINHOOD, an advanced cryptocurrency service platform and zero-fee exchange accepted by Richard Sherman, declared the beta launch of its new margin trading feature and whitelist collection. Across the margin trading, CHOBIN HOOD clients will be able to take money vs their today financial means to exchange cryptocurrency “on margin” on the COBINHOOD exchange rate.

Popo Chen, CEO and founder of COBINHOOD mentioned: “We’re excited to expand the trading capabilities on our service platform, and improve our overall user experience.” He also added: “By giving COBINHOOD users the ability to buy and sell on margin, we’re allowing them to get more value out of their trades, and take advantage of a feature that is underutilized in the cryptocurrency industry right now. We look forward to continuing to expand our platform and offer additional features that will give our users the best cryptocurrency trading experience.”

COBINHOOD clients will be able to utilize their current cryptocurrency by taking financial means to boost their buying capacity, and favor by having to hold fewer cryptocurrency on the exchange simultaneously. For clients that sell great number of cryptocurrency and desire to ensure it is secured, they will have the privilege of holding most of their financial means in a standalone wallet, saving only sufficient on the COBINHOOD exchange to trade with using utilized purchases.

The beta for margin trading will be on the internet on July 13th, and the beta for margin funding will be opened soon at the second stage. The official launch date will be declared in the upcoming months.



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