PayPal, American online payment company, was granted a patent for a crypto ransomware detection method.

The patent was originally filed in 2016 and granted Tuesday by USPTO, the patent defined ways to benefit from current system data catches may assist in detecting malware and stop it from irreparably locking up victims’ files.

Malware has an ability to encode what’s inside a hard drive or other files making the data unavailable, so that a system user that doesn’t have enough decryption keys won’t have the ability to access his/her data.”

The online payment company is, subsequently, attempting to stop this from taking place with a technique that involves identifying original content loaded into a cache, keeping second copy of the content there and contrasting the two. After this, it avoids the removal or modification of the original piece.

The patent reads: ”By identifying that a malware occurred on a device, the adverse results of the malware can be prevented.”

This way, users will be able to prevent data loss by backing it up. However, even in this case data loss is possible when dealing with ransomware.

PayPal stated that by identifying malware early on, the damage done to victims can be decreased.


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