Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss, known as the Winklevoss twins, finally settled the lawsuit against American BTC entrepreneur Charlie Shrem over $26 mln. The twins claimed that Shrem owed the twins money.

Based on a court filing which occurred on the 5th of April, Judge Jed Rakoff threw the case out of the court, since it was revealed by both parties that they had come to a settlement.

Although documents clearly illustrate that the case can be reopened in a span of 30 days, none of the parties expressed a desire to do that. As stated in a different filing by Winklevoss Capital Fund (WCG), Shem and the fund both are going to pay costs individually by themselves. However, as specified by Charlie Shrem, the terms are confidential.

The cause of the problem was an alleged bitcoin purchase that Shrem was requested to make by the Winklevoss. In 2012, the brothers allegedly gave Shrem $1 mln to make a purchase, however, as interest in BTC significantly rose, the lawsuit involved $26 mln.

Overall, both Shrem and the Winklevoss twins are supporters of crypto assets. The Winklevoss twins stated the previous year that they think that the market cap of Bitcoin will reach $5 tn, and the BTC enterpenuer also said that he considers Bitcoin to be his future.

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