Max Keiser believes that, as nations start fighting for domination in mining, BTC prices are going to hit record high.

Keiser began by announcing that he will be a speaker at a future bitcoin event and then carried on saying: “BTC is on a unique track and it possesses an ability to make those, who defy it, seem very stupid. Of course, in the BTC world there are people like Craig Wright, Mike Hearn and Roger Ver, who are infected with BTC derangement syndrome. Over the last years, some people such as Paul Krugman and Nouriel Roubini, seem very stupid as they didn’t once attempt to make sense of BTC.”

By saying this, he responded to Stacy Herbert, his co-host, who drew attention to the fact that the increase of Bitcoin value had come to a stop lately, presumably after the Federal Reserve’s position on rate hikes.

Keiser, on the other hand, continued, saying that he thinks that “state actors” shortly will be mining bitcoin for “strategic reserve purposes.” The host also thinks that soon countries will be battling for hash power attempting to take control of the BTC sytem.

“On a country level hash wars are going to occur and that should lead to a new record breaking high.”


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