IBM Patents Blockchain Technology For Augmented Reality Games

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IBM Patents Blockchain Technology For Augmented Reality Games

IBM wants to get a patent for registering a blockchain-based system that will prevent users of augmented reality games from entering an unwanted space.

Examples in the IBM application include ” high-risk sites, places of worship, and any other locations marked by owners.” Augmented reality (AR) is a technology that adds virtual elements to physical reality. One example is the AR game Zombie GO, which adds zombies to real life, or the famous Pokemon GO. AR is also used in other industries, such as museums.

The goal of the new IBM solution is to improve the use of AR in physical space to prevent incidents. In particular, it is quite common for attackers to indicate an undesirable location in order to confuse players.

IBM plans to use the blockchain to pinpoint the zones available for play or other activities. In addition, the patent will include a neural network that analyzes the results of user interactions in different places and record this data in the blockchain.

According to HSBC analysts, virtual reality (VR) designers will be in demand in the financial system of the future. In July it became known that the Investment Fund of Michael Novogratz Galaxy Digital invested $20 million in the blockchain- a platform for VR called High Fidelity.


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