Network SiaCoin Passed Hardwork

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Network SiaCoin Passed Hardwork

Developers of decentralized cloud storage Sia announced the successful completion of the hard fork, which changed the algorithm of the network consensus and blocked the possibility of mining using ASIC-devices produced by Bitmain and Innosilicon.

The planned hard fork took place on the 179,000 block, although it happened somewhat later than originally planned. It was expected that the upgrade will be carried out on October 31, but due to an error in the code, the process stalled on the block 178,999.

CEO and founder of the parent company of the Nebulous project David Vorick wrote on Reddit that it will be necessary to find at least one block at the maximum complexity before the innovations take effect. According to him, it could take up to 48 hours, but in the end, on November 1, the upgrade took place.

After block 179,000, the network’s complexity dropped by about 98%, allowing miners to find new blocks about every 10 minutes. The number of miners themselves has significantly decreased.

Debates in the Sia community about the feasibility of hard forks continued throughout the year. Subsequently, the community decided to hold hard forks in October. The upgrade ensures that only ASIC devices from Obelisk, a division of Nebulous, can mine Siacoin. As a result, other miners, including Bitmain and Innosilicon, will be excluded from the ecosystem.

The largest manufacturer of mining equipment Bitmain introduced in January AntMiner A3, designed specifically for the production of Siacoin.



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