Coinmint Is Opening Bitcoin Mining Plant In Upstate New York

On June 5th CNBC announced that Bitcoin mining firm Coinmint is opening a Bitcoin mining plant in an abandoned smokestack in Upstate New York.

The step, which the government give a green light and acceped in January, will afford the organization to invest “up to $700 mln” in the mentioned project, which will reprofile the former 1300-ha-large Alcoa aluminium smelting plant at the end of 2019.

Recently a press release affirmed the operations and transactions will go on under the newly-created affiliate North Country Data Center Corporation, which started working this week.

Coinmint CEO Prieur Leary said “As long as bitcoin network exists we anticipate mining to be profitable.”

The current has seen numerous schemes and systems to influence previous infrastructure facilities in area with cheap electricity for the purposes of mining Bitcoin.

Not everybody has affected a chord with local authorities having some plans in coming Quebec meeting with hard criticism over the impact on regional economies.

The region’s Premier Philippe Couillard said, “If you want to come settle here, plug in your servers and do Bitcoin mining, we’re not really interested.”

For politicians in Massena, the nearest town to the Alcoa plant, the project conversely represents a boon to the local workforce, as it promises to create an extra 150 jobs.



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