Flying Cars To Mass Usage Through Blockchain. Eyefortravel Europe

As per growing blockchain innovation technology could be major clue to bring flying taxi cars to mass usage. It is a flying taxi incubator that is designing analogues technology.

In April the company began its initial coin offering (ICO) to build a network of flying taxi cars for mass-market use in urbanized areas.

Chief  executive Ilya Khankyov said during the  EyeforTravel Europe summit in London that the real promise of Blockchain is to “reduce the transactional costs underpinning large systems”.

He said that one of these systems is electronic vertical takeoff and landing flying taxi cars, which will serve the city market.

The mentioned cars will be able to travel at 300 kilometres an hour and be fully charged within 30 minutes and be able to cover 150 kilometres in one charge.

They will be built to fly autonomously using more simple technology than for earth self-driving cars, but will at the begining be piloted by men to give serenity.

Khankyov said that at the initial stage will be a shortage of pilots, and people have to train to the scale of the technology, but the flight is no more complicated than control of a drone.

He mentioned many regulatory bodies are operating “intensly” to allow flying car networks to be installed and that it will be blockchain that will help the infrastructure facilities be developed.



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