What is the Value of an ICO Listing and Rating System?

The value of an ICO Listing

As anyone with even a passing interest in cryptocurrency knows, ICOs are big. New ones arrive on the market every day, making big promises about how their coin will utilize the blockchain to revolutionize their industry. With so many ICOs, not every offering can succeed. An ICO listing and rating system has value for both start-ups and potential investors, to help the best ICOs find their way to success.

Benefits for Start-Ups

If you’re preparing to market your ICO, you may be frustrated by the difficulty of finding good avenues of advertising. With Google, Facebook, Twitter and MailChimp all banning ICO advertising, many of the traditional online ad streams are not available for ICO start-ups.

ICOs have to focus their efforts on the platforms where they’re welcome, such as Reddit and crypto-specific forums, as well as trying to grow their social media followings organically. It would be difficult to overstate the value of having good community engagement, as the respect of the crypto community can make or break an ICO. However, relying on this organic reach alone would be foolish.

For a start-up, the benefit of an ICO listing and rating system is getting your coin offering in front of people who are actively looking to invest. Being on a well-respected list with an above-average rating is a surefire way to build investor confidence.

Beyond that, if the list has a robust and clearly-defined rating system, it can help you identify the strengths and weaknesses of your ICO, and adjust accordingly. If you receive top marks for your development team, you can emphasize their experience in your marketing. By the same token, if you receive low marks for community engagement, it could be a sign that you need to put more effort with connecting with people on Reddit and Telegram

Benefits for Potential Investors

As an ICO investor, you know that you need to perform your due diligence before investing your currency in a start-up. Thoroughly vetting an ICO could involve hours of time spent reading whitepapers, tracking down developers on LinkedIn and scanning through code on GitHub. If after doing all that research the project seems solid, you can feel confident that your time was well-spent and make an investment. But if you decide that it’s not a quality project, it can feel like your time was wasted and you have to start all over again with the next ICO.

A well-organized ICO listing and rating system can save you hours of research. You can either browse the list and choose from the top-rated ICOs, or search for a specific ICO and learn how well it’s rated. All of the information you need should be presented in a clear, concise way with expert analysis.

ICOs should be rated on a variety of metrics, so that you can feel like you’re making an educated decision. The rating system should take into account the viability of the idea, the expertise of the team, and even the community’s reaction to the project. Other important metrics include Token economics, product maturity, how a blockchain can serve the project, and risks associated with investing in the ICO. You should feel like you have a clear picture of what the ICO stands for and what its projected chances for success are.

A listing and rating system can be especially beneficial to investors who are new to the ICO scene and haven’t yet learned the best way to research on their own. An ICO list can serve as a good springboard for your own research, with convenient links to websites, whitepapers, and LinkedIn profiles.

The Importance of Impartiality

An ICO list and rating system is only truly valuable if its rankings come from a place of impartiality. Investors need to know that they can trust that they’re receiving unbiased reviews, and start-ups need to know that they won’t receive a low rating because they don’t have the right friends.

Cointelligence’s ICO list and rating system is created by an anonymous team of crypto experts, and fact-checked by our team of highly-trained employees. We know the importance of impartiality and wanted to create a ranked list. Our ratings are based on facts, not opinions, and we clearly explain our metrics so that investors and start-ups alike understand how the list works.

Solving Problems

One of the metrics of success for an ICO is whether the coin being offered provides a viable solution for an existing problem. That same metric can be applied to the concept of an ICO listing and rating system. There was a clear need for a central location to find and research ICOs. Only a team of experts could provide the list that the crypto community needed.

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