Rhode Island Department of Administration in U.S. has issued a public solicitation for blockchain solutions via proof-of-concept proposals (Official Announcement).

The objective of the solicitation is to compare blockchain based and traditional business application technologies, to gain information about blockchain technology, technical and business experience in implementing blockchain transactions. The division is searching for qualified firms’ offers that focus on the objective of the government to become more effective, clear, faithful, safe and business-friendly.

The solicitation “Blockchain technology – Proof of concept” includes lots of spheres that blockchain solutions can cover. The ideas will be reviewed by the TEC comprised of staff from State agencies. First of all, the TEC will consider technical proposals, which must receive a minimum of 50 out of a maximum of 65 points to advance to the Demonstration phase.

The offers will be reviewed and scored based upon the criteria mentioned below in the picture:

Source: ri.gov

Points will be given based on the clear demonstration of the ability to provide the requested goods/services of the seller. Sellers can also be required to provide further written information regarding the offer or can be asked to present the idea orally before the TEC clarifies statements made in the proposal.


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