Blockchain-based energy trading firm Power Ledger announced that partnering with E-NEXT for the 1st time will release blockchain-powered energy trading platform in Austria.

Preliminary stage of the platform will comprise ten households, with possibility to increase the number of customers. Its intention is to improve energy distribution and support transition of the city regarding the zero-carbon energy. The blockchain-enabled platform of Power Ledger is foreseen to allow rooftop solar energy-based households in the city to vend excess recoverable energy to their neighbors, creating a financial motivation for Graz residents to use kind of energy.

Announcement states that the blockchain technology of Power Ledger allows data anonymity on the energy distribution network in compliance with the European Union privacy policies, as specified in the General Data Protection Regulation.

On its official Twitter account, Power Ledger announced that co-founder Dr. Jemma Green will introduce the project in Thailand this week.

This platform is intended to solve significant problems in the city, particularly with regard to achieving 0 emission and carbon neutral objective of Graz by 2050. The platform is currently under pilot testing in several places across Australia, also in Thailand, Japan and the USA. Graz is also the home of the country’s blockchain hub called BlockchainHub Graz.


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