Zaif, a Japan-based crypto asset exchange, that was a victim of a cyber attack in 2018, now has new owners.

On the website Zaif stated that on the 22nd of April the exchange will be signed over to Fisco, an investment company and will be functioning fully from April 23. This deal cost Fisco around $44.675 mln and was first considered in October 2018.

Zaif lost $62.5 mln in BTC, MONA and BCH, in the 2018 hack. After that, usage of MONA was stopped since October 10, 2018 and registration was put to stop. However, tomorrow this will no longer be an issue. The cyber attack occurred on September 14, when BTC, BCH and MONA were stolen from Zaif’s hot wallets major harm was caused to the company. Users that experienced loss from the cyber attack were now refunded. A the company reported users of Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash, however, a problem occurred with Monacoin, as holders received only 60% of the sum due to the highly volatile nature of the coin.

According to last November reports, security firms have discovered some information about the hackers responsible for the Zaif attack.

Following the investigation of the stolen MONA started and Japan Digital Design reported that it detected the “source” of the hackers and shared the information with authorities.


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