Serena Williams, the infamous professional tennis player, brought to light her Coinbase digital asset investments.

She announced in an Instagram post that Serena Ventures, an investment company founded in 2014, has investments in over thirty companies with Coinbase among others. Serena Ventures is an investment fund focused on giving opportunities to founders in difference fields. It has worked with clothing, food, women’s health and fitness startups. The company’s market cap is approximately $12 bln.

“We invest in startups that accept diversity, personal empowerment and creative spirit,” the athlete said in her Instagram post.

As reported by the Forbes, Serena Williams was the highest paid female athlete in 2018 earning around $18.1 mln.

The tennis player is a four time Olympics gold medal and all-time 13 Grand Slam singles titles record winner. Williams started her own clothing line and is involved in business. In 2009, her sister and her bought a stake in Miami Dolphins.

Coinbase, the digital currency exchange that Williams invested in, has raised $546.6 mln over 8 rounds in funding. The latest one was on the 21st of December, 2018. The San Francisco-based exchange was founded in June 2012 and now is brokering BTC transactions in 190 countries around the globe.

It was recently reported that fund investment in crypto industries may reach an all-time high this year.


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