XTB Review – Is XTB Scam or a Legit Crypto Broker?

XTB Review

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If you made up your mind to invest in online trading, then you need a reputable and trusted broker like XTB. Online trading has changed the life of many people. Online trading is a modern concept of trading. The Internet has made it easy and simple. It is easily accessible even from the living room or coffee shop. The growth and popularity of online trading got the attention of investors and brokers. In a short time, many brokerages came into existence. The brokers step into the field to serve the traders.

When you Google, you see a crowd of online brokers. So, it’s very difficult to find a legal and trusted broker because there’re also scammers in the financial market who are looting people. The traders have to be care full in choosing a broker. 

A broker can make your trading journey pleasant or worst. The traders should do little research about brokers. In this way, they’ll be able to choose the right broker. It’s the responsibility of a broker to serve the traders in the best possible way. They should understand the needs and requirements of the traders and try to solve the problems. XTB is one of the legal and trusted brokers in the financial market.

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This is well organized and established broker in the financial market. It is serving the traders since 2002 with great care and 100% satisfaction. XBT has headquarters in many different countries for the easiness of traders from all over the world. XTB has more than 15 years of a successful journey in the financial market.

World-class Trading Platform

This is the best trading platform available in the financial market. The trading platform is one of the key features of any broker. The trading platform is used for buying or trading an instrument through your devices. This is a web-based trading platform that is easily accessible at any time and anywhere. This trading platform can be accessed through different browsers like Opera, Firefox, Chrome, and safari.

XTB has provided the traders with the facility of mobile application xStation, which makes it an easily accessible and friendly trading platform. The financial market is at the fingertips of the traders. This trading platform is reliable with fast execution speed. The traders should keep in mind that this market is volatile, and there’re chances of losing money quickly because of leverages. So the traders should be active and make decisions according to the demanding situations.

The traders have to learn the basics of online trading. They should prepare themselves by learning the ups and downs of the financial market. Being an ethical and responsible broker, XTB has established a trading academy for the training of traders. The traders can join the trading academy to increase their knowledge about the financial market for making the right decisions according to the situations. This will minimize the risks of losing money. There’re many moods of learning which include articles, tutorials, videos, trading courses, etc. Now it’s up to the clients how they can avail these opportunities and make decisions in favor of themselves?

XTB trading platform

An extensive range of trading instruments

XTB offers an extensive range of trading instruments to traders. The traders can trade any instruments of their choice. There’re many brokers in the financial market who offer limited trading instruments to clients. The traders are restricted as they have no choices.

But on the other side, XTB understands the needs of the traders and tries to facilitate in the best possible way. XTB offers CFD, currency pairs, commodities, stock, forex, agriculture, energy, and much more. XTB sets free the traders to play. The traders have to pay a fee for forex, indices, and commodities. Fees vary from account to account.

Deposit Methods

The traders can use a different method to deposit funds. These methods include bank transfer, credit/debit cards, Neteller, PayPal, Skrill, etc. The traders can use the method of their choice to deposit money. The traders can deposit the lowest amount of $1 in their accounts.

Safe and Secure

This trading platform is highly safe and secure. XTB is regulated by many international regulatory authorities. XBT keeps its clients’ funds in a segregated account that’s means your funds are not mixed with their operational funds. XBT allows the traders to trade with full confidence. XBT doesn’t disclose or share client’s information with a third party. 

Customer care

Customer care staff is available 24/7. The staff is always there to assist the traders. The traders can contact the staff through email, phone number, or live chat to get the solution to their problems. The staff will try their best to solve the problems. There’s also a FAQs section where the traders can get the answer to their questions.


You will be glad to know that this is an award-winning trading platform. So you can join this world-class trading platform for making your trading journey pleasant.

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