PrimeOakmont Review – Is PrimeOakmont Scam or a Legit Crypto Broker?

PrimeOakmont Review

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PrimeOakmont is a cryptocurrency investment brokerage that focuses on helping its clients build their portfolios while giving them access to some of the best cryptocurrency investments. Let’s have a detailed PrimeOakmont review to choose one of the best options for you today.

PrimeOakmont has become a global platform, which covers over 90% of the crypto coins. PrimeOakmont is a rare brokerage whose market trends continue to be favorable. This brokerage provides trading services with many markets including cryptocurrencies, stock indices, commodities, and forex. This brokerage is suitable for both those who have been dealing with this industry for a long time and those who are very beginners.  They use their unique data feed which provides information on cryptocurrency, stock indices, commodities, and forex.

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Account Options

There are multiple account options from where you can select the account of your need. Each account comes with its options and benefits.

  • Mini Account

With a Mini account, traders can practice bitcoin trading in high volume. They are offered margin loans of 25% with 1:200 leverage. With the toolbox, which is available 24/7, traders have access to their account manager for quick answers to questions that may arise during trading. This type of account offers the best insight into the market and comes at a price tag.

  • Silver account

If you are new to trading or seeking a simple solution to investing in cryptocurrencies then the Silver account is perfect for you. As this is their entry-level package, it has all the benefits of the full service plus an extra margin loan.

The minimum deposit is 1,001 – 5,000 with no maximum amount, so take your time and build up to investing larger amounts if you feel comfortable. You can also enjoy their daily news and review, weekly webinars, in-depth research repo, and market reviews for all-important events/sessions in the cryptocurrency world.

  • Gold account

Get updated with the latest financial market movements and use this information to your advantage while trading CFDs on cryptocurrencies using the educational option of this account. You also get access to exclusive offers, discounts, bonuses, and special deals. This account offers a margin loan of 50%.

You can also enjoy 1:300 leverage when dealing with cryptocurrencies. You have the privilege to trade in bitcoins and other digital currencies without going through a lengthy verification process. The minimum deposit required for opening such an account is 5,001 – 25,000usd.

To get your hands on these benefits, all you need to do is contact your account manager and request a gold account.

  • VIP account

Created for customers who appreciate the additional services provided by PrimeOakmont this account offers higher leverage (1:400) and an individual approach to each customer.

Their VIP clients have a fantastic opportunity to use all available trading tools with their accounts. They have entitled to the full range of services that only PrimeOakmont’s chief broker is capable of providing.

In this account option, your chief advisor and personal wealth manager will be available to you at all times to advise you personally in your language and help in any possible situation.

Trading Platform

PrimeOakmont trading platform

The trading platform is designed with ease of use in mind. It comes with a completely customizable layout and color settings, coupled with the ability to add third-party indicators and scripts. Customizable workspace coupled with intuitive visualization of market data, such as price alerts, charts, etc.

They have included an extensive suite of trading tools, which will help you make your trade. Among them:

Trading DOM (including customizable timeframes).

Flexible order system with multiple order types; Trailing Stop Orders; Iceberg orders; Hidden Orders – our latest addition to the order platform.

Charts and technical indicators from popular third parties.

Technical analysis, market research, and social trading are at your fingertips. The vast array of tools includes Economic Calendar, News Feed, Social Networking, Popular Trading Models – SupeRFECCA, Market Scanner & Heat maps. All of their tools can be fully customized to match your trading style.

Their new framework based on HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript helps them to bring a new dimension to the platform. It ensures their trading platform is lightweight, fast and provides users with an unmatched trading experience.

They are always excited to see how traders use their platform to create their perfect workspace.

Enriched charts

Some powerful features of their charts are:

  • Over 50 free technical indicators to analyze every swing of a price chart. Indicators can be added to a chart in either centered or non-centered mode and you can add multiple indicators at the same time.
  • Over 40-time filters for zooming, panning, and drawing trend lines on your charts without losing data. Easily see higher timeframe trends on lower timeframes by applying a specific filter.
  • Real-time quotes and customizable stock/futures charts. Change the date range, chart type, and other parameters to view market data as a whole or in a particular timeframe.
  • Market heat map that adds another layer of context to your trading room. Placing trades and managing open orders has never been easier!
  • Real-time currency exchange rates. Easily track currency prices and stay updated on currency news via the currency ticker at the bottom of Professional charts.
  • Set alerts to be notified when a security reaches a certain price; you can configure one or multiple alerts per symbol.


This brokerage must comply with applicable anti-money laundering laws, including the Proceeds of FATF and its associated regulations.

Their primary objective is to prevent their business from being used to facilitate financial crime. Consequently, they have thoroughly developed all aspects of their AML Policy to ensure compliance with the law and to protect both them and their customers’ interests.

They are required by law to carry out risk assessments of all customer relationships, monitor business transactions, and report suspicious activities. They have written procedures designed to meet these requirements, which define who is responsible for carrying out what tasks, when to refer matters for further investigation, and how to record that information.

Every member of their workforce has a responsibility to ensure that their activity satisfies the requirements of the law and all are trained accordingly, having regard to their particular duties within their business. Additionally, members of their workforce are required to complete an annual refresher course following this policy.

Some important aspects of their AML policy are:

  • They have an in-depth process for ensuring clients are who they say. They start by verifying your documents, and then if it is not enough they will ask around until they find out where you are located or what kind of picture identification (driver’s license) that was taken with when applying online which can take some time.
  • A large number of data breaches have occurred because many brokerages do not maintain their records. They lose everything, including patients’ personal information like Social Security numbers and bank account numbers, which hackers can use to line their pockets with money. Therefore, they have maintained very secure records for all the data of their clients, which can never be shared.
  • To determine if a client is a known or suspected terrorist, they must check their names against lists of terrorists.
  • They do not accept cash, money orders, or third-party transactions.


All accounts in PrimeOakmont will be KYC (Know Your Customer) verified. The verification type will depend on the account’s statistics and potential risk level. Should an activity that requires higher levels of verification occur, then all related accounts will require detailed KYC information to be provided to them by their owners or administrators.

Verification types are as follows:

  • For low-risk accounts, only basic KYC information is required. This includes name, birthdate, address, and email. If you are trading some assets, then this level of verification will be necessary for your account.
  • For medium-risk accounts, higher levels of KYC information will be required. This includes social media accounts, legal identification (passport or national identity card), and the owner’s real-world address. If you are buying assets to be traded on it at some bigger prices, then this level of verification will be necessary for your account.
  • For high-risk accounts, very detailed KYC information will be required. All potential owners and administrators of the account will need to provide a video recording (from their webcam) where they read out all of their legal identification document numbers and any usernames or aliases that are used for financial transactions. If you are trading with many funds, then this level of verification will be necessary for your account.

This new policy is being implemented to ensure that PrimeOakmont remains compliant with international money laundering laws, as well as to keep its members safe from fraudulent activity such as money laundering and identity theft.

Broad option of cryptocurrencies

Cryptocurrencies are very difficult to purchase trade and understand. This is why this brokerage is so passionate about offering a platform that allows you to trade cryptocurrencies with ease. Whether it is Bitcoin, Ethereum, or any of the other major cryptocurrencies, this platform offers you the tools and knowledge you need to succeed in the market.

Cryptocurrency trading is a volatile space with many opportunities, but there is also a lot of risks. Investing in crypto can allow you to participate in the revolutionary changes this market is experiencing, but it requires that you are well informed and prepared. Therefore this platform is always available for you with it’s with up to 50 technical indicators with ultra-powerful execution speed.

PrimeOakmont provides great infrastructure, user-friendly interface to give you the most interactive trading for your ease. This platform supports both short trading as well as long trades.

PrimeOakmont gives you many options to never leave their trading platform such as one of them is the live prices of cryptocurrencies. You have everything right on your panel to trade whether it is the trading tools or the market overview. You have everything to do your trade in a premium way.

Some big Cryptocurrencies available to trade at PrimeOakmont are:

  • Bitcoin

Bitcoin, along with the rest of the digital currencies in the market, has been on a continuous rise and rise. It has seen a lot of interest from investors and from those who have been looking to make a quick buck. However, there is still a lot of mystery and uncertainty around the popular cryptocurrency.

  • Ethereum

If you are into cryptocurrency, it is hard not to have heard about Ethereum. It is the second most popular cryptocurrency right now.

  • LTC

Lite coin was created to be a faster version of Bitcoin that would appeal to merchants and people who wanted to make peer-to-peer payments for items and services.

There are over 80+ cryptocurrencies available to do trading.

Why should you trade with PrimeOakmont?

Deep liquidity

This brokerage offers a fast and very secure platform to trade the assets. They have very advanced tools to keep their eye on expertise on the market to gain as much profit as possible. Join them now to gain deep liquidity with their best and interactive expert tools with their expert staff.

Fee schedule

There are many brokerages in the market but many of them are charging hidden fees plus multiple other types of fees on withdrawals etc. However, PrimeOakmont has defined its fee schedule to get rid of these problems. They offer complete transparency in their fee, there are no hidden or extra charges, everything is been kept very clean. They offer tight spreads on all of their trading assets.

Ultimate Interactions

As mentioned above, they have a customizable trading platform, which offers their clients access to the tools as per need. Whether you are a beginner or expert, you can take advantage of their special tools to get the most accurate tools. You can do customizations on your panel, as you need to include every small detail from tools to the colors even. Moreover, if you are ever stuck in the place or you are having any issue regarding anything related to the trading there are always available for you right at your ticket.

Charting tools

As we have mentioned before one of their most highlighted and powerful feature is their tools and more specifically that have interactive charts showing a complete overview of the market. Therefore, if you are not a professional trader yet but after using such tools support in your trading you can execute your trading within a most professional way. Join them today and enjoy trading.

Good customer support

They are always excited to give their clients the best customer support. In addition, for this vision to be complete they have implemented several ways to communicate such as live chat, which is the fastest and improvised version of the communication.  You can directly go to the live chat where their experts are always available to deal with your problems or queries with their prior experience. Moreover, they have provided their emails and phone numbers by which you can directly communicate. In each manner of communication, this brokerage is offering its best.

How you can start?

Opening the personal account at this brokerage’s platform is too easy. All you have to enter your accurate details and some easy verifications and you are good to select your account options.

After selecting the account option of your need, you have to deposit the deposit of that account option and that is all you are open to to trade the crypto assets now. Moreover, never worry about your funds at the platform; your all-trading funds are secure under a multi-layer of security.


PrimeOakmont comes with the most experienced analysts who are always available now you need any query. This brokerage provides you with the latest news and education by providing downloadable eBooks, trading webinars, and live sessions by which if you are even a beginner you can get the best results and build a career in the trading assets.

In terms of security, this platform has the best policies by applying AML and KYC policies even to their staff. So there is no disclosure of your personal information to anyone without your knowledge and permission. Even your funds are secure with their multi-layers of encryptions. Talking about more departments of this brokerage such as their customer care, they are giving their 100% in this department by giving you the options of multiple ways to communicate with them. Moreover, there are the options of the different accounts available from which you can choose your best-suited account for you. Therefore, there is no need to give a high amount of money to the broker when you can start it from very low deposits.

From the account, making to the withdrawals of your profits the brokerage fits very well to start with this. So be prepared and start trading with this broker right today.

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