In Singapore, a technology company called Pundi X formally released a smartphone called XPhone that is motorized by Blockchain. It is stated that XPone is the first mobile phone that is blockchain-based.

The leading manager of the company called Zac Cheah said that the phone will let people make calls through blockchain.

During his speech, Cheah invited the host of the event on stage to show how to make the first blockchain call with blockchain mobile.

XPhone is different from the mobile phones that are based on IOS, Android or Windows systems because XPhone is made with a blockchain system, FX (Function X).

Pundi X reports what a blockchain mobile actually is. It’s a phone that can use the technology powering a lot of things such as Bitcoin, medical notes.

Everything that XPhone users do, like making calls, taking photos, messaging, all these actions are linked to the blockchain and transferred through it.

By the method, participants become aware of personal information and control it.

Blockchain is especially famous as a finance service, But it is developing and becoming popular day by day as many innovative applications are being created.

Blockchain powers the world’s most famous cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin and Ethereum. It allows people to possess digital currencies and negotiate with each other without any central institutions or middlemen.

For XPhone there isn’t any central service either. This makes it safer as users can manage their personal information.

XPhone offers open access for everyone. This means any individual willing to establish services or apps can do it without troubles.

XPhone users can easily make transactions within the common Android form and the blockchain.

It is said that the company is going to create 5000 XPhones in 2019 and that the company would work with telecommunication organizations to create additional blockchain phones.



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