Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak has invested in a new blockchain-based energy saving company called Efforce which is headquartered in Malta, The Malta Independent reports.

As stated by Wozniak, Efforce is “a unique business model” and they are able to hugely affect the business. He said that the willingness of the government to invest in blockchain technology has become an essential factor in the decision to choose Malta.

Efforce provides the 1st blockchain-based platform which has a target to invest in energy saving. The main objective of the company is to become the 1st and leading platform in the world for tokenized energy efficiency.

Recently, Wozniak shared his opinion on how blockchain can help effectively decrease the effects on the environment by the society, at the same time, there will not be a need for people to change their habits.

Jacobo Visetti, who is the other co-founder of EFFORCE since January, 2018, mentioned that his explorations of the area and the implementation of the energy saving plans to blockchain technology have started several years ago. He underlined that besides being a favorable business investment, it is good for environment as well.

Speaking about choosing Malta, Visetti said: “It was the most open minded country we could find in the world in terms of new technology.”


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