VeChain Announces a Partnership with Shenzhen Yuhongtai Foods

VeChain Announces a Partnership with Shenzhen Yuhongtai Foods


One of the world’s leading blockchain app platforms, Vechain has announced a partnership with a Chinese food company Shenzhen Yuhongtal Foods to track products on ToolChain.

The partnership between Vechain and Shenzhen, will provide the Chinese company an option to track all its pork supply, which it retails through its subsidiary, Meijiada Fresh Foods.

The company will have an opportunity to monitor all the features of pork products right from how it’s raised to when it is harvested. Shenzhen also plans to sell the pork the same day it’s collected.

Meijiada Fresh Foods is intended to use VeChain’s ToolChain blockchain system to provide every detail concerning of its products through a QR code, which the customers can scan on their phone to get their puchased products’ details at each instant.

Both, Shenzhen Yuhongtal and Meijiada are intended to widen the range of the blockchain-system managed products.


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