Cardano Founder Names Crypto a Political Movement

Cardano Founder Names Crypto a Political Movement


Cardano founder Charles Hoskinson has named participating in crypto as an inherently political act.

Charles Hoskinson has called crypto a “political movement.” As he mentioned, cryptocurrency is as political as it could be.

During an AMA (ask-me-anything) on YouTube, Hoskinson claimed that integrating crypto-based fundamentals into monetary relations will lead to conflicts. According to his words, the concept of money will be reformed, and crypto will get it out of the government control.

Charles Hoskinson underlined that the crypto phenomenon is in particular political because of its nature, as it is trying to somehow bring upon monetary commodities and policy.

In addition, Hoskinson mentioned that crypto will have much broader affect, going out of the domain of money. As he stated, among the list of changes are going to be the trade, the property rights, the business structure, as well as the overall business, laws, etc.


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