US-based Bentley University Starts Accepting BTC And ETH For Tuition Payments

Regarding an announcement made by Bentley University, Bitcoin, Ethereum and USD Coin payment options have now been initialized to support flexible payment choices.

Bentley University, a well-known educational institute present in the state of Massachusetts USA has now declared Bitcoin, Ethereum and USD Coin to be viable payment options, technically marking itself as one of the first-ever universities that have decided to integrate cryptocurrency payments. As of now, educational institutions supporting cryptocurrency payments include King’s College from New York, California Intercontinental University, and the University of Pennsylvania Wharton School.

Promoting Change in Modern Business

In the formal announcement, the Bentley university stated that they want to bring these new digital payment methods for their precious students who prefer them and also wants to stay committed towards its motive in implementing technological enhancements that can bring a significant change in the space of modern business.

The announcement also mentioned that Bentley University will be working together with globally popular cryptocurrency exchange, Coinbase to integrate the cryptocurrency payment system and to mark it as its provider in custodial services. As for initial support, only the top cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, Ethereum and USD Coin will be considered, helping both students and families to take advantage of this initiative.

In addition to that, Bentley university mentioned that they will also soon be available to receive gifts and donations in the associated cryptocurrencies, however the announcement did not talk about any other coins.

Bentley University has been interestingly involved with the world of cryptocurrencies, as they were also the institute that brought up an impressive student who was the founder of the Bentley Blockchain Association, which is quite a big deal.

A Great Future

President of Bentley University, E. LaBrent Chrite stated that the university stands in the frontlines towards producing leaders that have the right skills and knowledge to become successful businessmen in this developing global economy and that they are proud to welcome technologies such as, blockchain which will not only bring change into the world of business but will also help students who are interested in the field.

With the increase in engagement with cryptocurrencies, the young generation has seen to be the most interested in the technology and services associated with it. A recently published report from the Pew Research Facility mentioned that around 16% of the entire United States Adult population have been directly or indirectly involved with cryptocurrencies.

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