Opera’s Cryptocurrency Browser Adds Support For BNB Chain

According to an official announcement posted by Opera Crypto on twitter, the popular crypto browser has now added support for the Binance BNB chain for its users.

Binance BNB Chain in Opera’s Support List

The latest development comes from Opera, a globally popular web browser, that has now managed to integrate the Binance BNB Chain onto its crypto-focused browser version. Anyone using the crypto browser from Opera can now have access to decentralized applications (dApps) powered by the BNB Chain on multiple different mobile and desktop operating systems including, Apple’s IOS, Google’s Android, Windows, and a couple others respectively.

The BNB chain was first revealed by Binance back in February. Binance mentioned that this new BNB Chain consist of two core components, one was the BNB Beacon Chain associated with Chain Governance and the second one was the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) compatible BNB Smart Chain having consensus layers and connections to multiple chains.

With this new integration, users of the Opera Crypto Browser now have the power to buy $BNB Tokens, BNB standing for “Build and Build”, by using traditional fiat currency and can also relocate the tokens from one address to another. The Opera crypto browser also has an integrated crypto wallet for users needing it. As for the dApps, the list of supported dApps is already posted by Binance that includes decentralized exchanges (DEXs) such as 1Inch, BiSwap and several other ones known globally.

Opera’s Role in Web3 Development

Executive Vice President at Opera, Jorgen Arnesen stated that the development of Web3 is growing at a steady pace and that the crypto browser provided by Opera is developed on the foundation that helps to make the user experience of Web3 easier. Jorgen added that Opera thinks that for Web3 to attain its complete potential, the overall user experience must be made trivial, as it will attract more new players.

Opera itself stated that with the developing Web3 ecosystem, it was important that the crypto browser was specially designed in ways that could help to deal with the challenges associated with the use of cryptocurrencies. The modern user-base is interested in more “efficient, environmental conscious and Proof-of-Stake mechanism Layer-2 Chains” that promote economical transactions with minimal power usage.   

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