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Traders Bullish Intention On Ethereum. Here is Why

Ethereum News; Traders Bullish Intention On Ethereum. Here is Why

This month Ethereum largely held steady at around the $900 mark. Today Ether showed losses again, but the same happened with other cryptocurrencies after Venezuelan president announced that county’s new launched petro token raised $735 million in the first days of pre-sale.

According to analysts view, Ethereum price is going to significantly grow over the long periods. Currently, Ethereum is being used as a platform by a wide variety of ICOs as well as other cryptocurrencies. Experts think, that the platform will gain more and more movement and this will increase the price of the cryptocurrency.

The problem with the ICOs is that they are unregulated and there is nothing to stop a company from escaping with someone else’s money. In most countries it will be almost impossible to hold the culprit to account or win back investors’ money.

The Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin has found a solution of the problem. The idea comes from decentralized autonomous organization called DAO.

The demand for Ethereum will also increase, as the decentralized usage of the platform becomes more popular, the analysts say. Also they add, that Buterin “has proven to be wise beyond his years”.

Most experts are bullish on Ethereum and predict that the price will reach $1,500 by July 2018.

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