Trader predicts beautiful future as El Salvador embraces new crypto policies

In a celebratory tweet, Shooter-Filmmaker-Feathered Serpent, a well-known Bitcoin trader on Twitter, praises President Nayib Bukele’s revolutionary crypto policies, hailing them as a significant step forward for El Salvador’s financial landscape. According to the crypto analyst, the guidelines would give Bitcoin a new level of prominence, leading to a beautiful future for the cryptocurrency.

On March 24, the Bitcoin influencer expressed appreciation to Nayib Bukele and BTC in a tweet:

Crypto trader lauds El Salvador’s polished policies

A cryptocurrency dealer directly responded on Twitter after an American broadcaster named Max Keiser brought attention to El Salvador’s newly revised cryptocurrency rules. The dealer recognised Keiser’s remarks on the novel approach, which included embracing BTC as legal money, and offered their ideas to Keiser.

The original system had a notable provision whereby all crypto assets were treated as securities, except Bitcoin. Conversely, Bitcoin was set to be treated as money, creating a unique “BTC Kingdom.” The plan’s ultimate goal was to transform El Salvador into the “safest nation in the Americas,” reduce debt, and support digital entrepreneurs through targeted tax measures.

Tax-free tech revolution

On March 24, the president of El Salvador, Nayib Bukele, announced his ambitious plan to eradicate taxes on technology innovations in the morning. He proposed eliminating the income tax, property tax, capital gains tax, and import tariffs to support the growth of software programming, coding, apps, AI development, and computing and communications hardware manufacturing. Bukele revealed that he would submit this bill to the country’s congress in the coming week, indicating a significant shift towards a more tax-friendly environment for the tech industry.

Despite some negative feedback, the tweet garnered widespread acceptance, which is intriguing. Most people showed overwhelming support for the President’s statement, while a few others chose to ignore it altogether.

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