Daily Crypto Market Update – BTC Bulls Defend $27,600

The total crypto market capitalization has increased by 0.8% to $1.17 trillion, following net inflows of $9.79 billion in the past 24 hours. During this period, the top ten crypto assets by market cap posted mixed results, with Dogecoin and Cardano being the biggest losers after posting drops of 3.5% each.

Meanwhile, Tether has continued to record gains while its rivals post losses. The largest stablecoin’s market cap rose to $78.58 billion as USDC and BUSD fell to $34.5 billion and $8.05 billion, respectively.


The largest crypto asset surged 1.3% in the past day. On Friday morning, buyers pushed Bitcoin to hit $28,589 before a downtrend that retested the $27,605 support level. As of this writing, BTC has risen to $28,179, according to data on CoinGecko.


The second-biggest crypto by Market cap rose 1.7% over the past day. Like BTC, Ethereum saw a surge early Friday prior to trending down. The coin hit a resistance level of $1,817 before touching the support level at around $1,781.

Top 5 Gainers

Alethea Liquid Intelligence: ALI has posted gained of 17.5% in the last 24 hours, becoming the biggest gainer of the day. Its market cap is $154.9 million as of this writing.

OMG Network: This token gained substantial despite Coinbase announcing it will delist it at the end of this month. OMG is up 17.1% to $2.08. Its market cap sits at $291.29 million

inSure: SURE increased 14.5% to $0.0049 over the past day. Its market cap has also surged to $133.24 million.

Mask Network: MASK is the fourth top gainer after posting gains of 12.7% to $6.17. It has a market cap of $470.21 million.

JOE: The token has seen a surge of 11.7% to trade at $0.43. Its market valuation is currently $145.07 million.

Top Five Losers

Arbitrum: After a successful airdrop yesterday, the token began trading at $5, but it has since fallen by 87% to $1.37 as of this writing. Its market cap is $1.8 billion.

HEX: The token shed 20.7% to reach $0.1. It has a market cap of $17.32 billion.

MAGIC: This crypto posted losses of 10.9% in the past 24 hours to trade at $1.57. Its market cap has also fallen to $331.94 million.

RSK Infrastructure Framework: The token declined by 10.5% to $0.139. It has a market valuation of $132.79.

Conflux Network: This token plummeted by 10.1% to $0.35 in the past day. It now has a market cap of $912.15 million.

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