The Top Crypto Trading Tools to Use in 2021

Trading in the crypto market is not just about executing your trades. You will also require some crypto trading tools because they can give your bottom line a boost, help you make more profits and give you access to more data for improving your trading strategy. A quick search shows that there are a ton of tools out there, but you obviously cannot use all of them. So, which ones do you use? Outlined below are the top crypto trading tools to use in 2021:

  • Coinigy

This is perhaps the most widely used trading platform in the crypto space and has experienced considerable growth since its inception. It provides support for more than 45 exchanges and charts, which is far more than any other platform. You will discover that Coinigy stores historical data that can assist developers in coming up with a trading strategy. It is an all-in-one trading solution that simplifies the process of tracking and trading coins on various exchanges. App integration, charting and price alerts are part of the Coinigy package. You can also find blockchain analysis, live exchange rates, and data visualization and it is accessible via a browser, mobile, and desktop apps.

  • OpenOcean

Traders can enjoy price comparisons between centralized and decentralized exchanges on OpenOcean, which makes it a good option for one-stop crypto trading between CEXs and DEXs. There are users who prefer CEXs, while others like DEXs better. However, people who don’t have advanced programming skills are unable to take advantage of the prices because of the price variations and volatility between exchanges. This is where OpenOcean can be helpful because it provides DEX users with the best prices and lower slippage. It uses an algorithm called D-star, which gives DEX users what they need in real-time.


This is a premium trading terminal owned by Kraken and provides users with charting, real-time market data, and trading services. There are more than 25 exchanges supported by and it procures the data directly from the exchanges via their APIs. You can get the basic version free of cost, but access to premium features is granted through credits.

It allows users to view their orders, trade history, as well as their positions on the portfolio page. It also enables them to trade on multiple exchanges via a single trading terminal. It lets you check your balance across multiple exchanges and you can visualize market trends and price movements through an advanced charting interface. The paid version of offers additional benefits.

  • OnChainFX

People can view market data and coin value via OnChainFX. It is possible to customize datasets, as the interface provides details to users about the highest gainers and losers in the market in trading sessions. There is also a massive amount of information available on the platform in an easy-to-understand and simple manner. Users can also get access to information, such as market capitalization, circulating supply, and token supply.

It is also possible to use filters like type of consensus, asset size as well as asset sector. It gives historical prices and lets you compare the value of assets in past years. The price movements of the two assets can also be compared. Most importantly, OnChainFX also allows users to determine the impact of inflation on various crypto assets.

  • NewsCrypto

This is your one-stop-shop for all the major developments and news in trading education and the crypto space. NewsCrypto is a great platform, both for beginners as well as professional traders, as it enables them to learn and use technical analysis. They can then apply it across different indicators, thereby obtaining a clear picture of the market. Users can also use NewsCrypto for testing their investment strategies, as it enables investors to test them in a risk-free environment. The ones that are successful can be implemented in the real world. It is also possible for users to interact with others on the platform, share ideas and insights. Moreover, the NewsCrypto (NWC) token can also be exchanged between BSC, Stellar, and ERC chains.

In today’s trading scenario, such crypto trading tools have become a necessity, and using the best ones can provide you an edge over other traders and investors.

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