Revolut Launches Metal Debit Card With Cashback In Cryptocurrency 

Presently Revolut launched a new metal debit card that is accessible to premium customers, which permits them to withdraw up to 1% of the cashback in fiat or cryptocurrency for operations and deals outside Europe or 0.1% of any deal in Europe.

Revolut is a prepaid debit card service founded in the UK that gives the possibility to the customers to receive, send and withdraw money in different currencies at a real exchange rate and is frequently used by people traveling or working with foreign clients, offering UK customers a personal bank account number. The firm maintains five cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple and Bitcoin Cash. The firm as well permits the exchange of 25 fiat currencies and allows travelers to spend a total of 150 financial currencies overseas without any fees.

The clients can acquire a cryptocurrency with a 1.5% mark-up on stock prices via the card, even though the service does not provide the client with access to private keys and currently does not back external transfer of cryptocurrencies to wallets outside the platform. Nevertheless, customers can send cryptocurrency to each other in the application or transfer it to Fiat and withdraw it from the ATM or spend money in stores.


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