Norwegian Council May Close The Noisy Bitcoin Miner

Meanwhile the cryptocurrency market goes on proving itself to be profitable field for investors and businesses, the occupation of mining is one of the related industries that has become constantly gainful.

The Norwegian bitcoin-miner Kryptovault, a company specializing in large-scale development of crypto currency and data centers, may have to suspend its work at a former paper mill north of Oslo after the locals complained of noise.

At the enterprise in Honfoss, up to 40 MW of energy is used to manage 9500 computers. Miner is able to earn several million Norwegian kroner’s worth of bitcoin in a week.

But the noise of the huge fans needed to cool computers caused complaints from neighbors. The mentioned  facility opened in spring, and last week the company received a threat of an explosion. Law enforcement agencies take the bomb threat seriously and study it. At the moment no suspects were found.

Now the local municipality has determined that the facility does not have the necessary permits and operates illegally.

The inexorable noise caused neighbors to evacuate the bedrooms next to the object and keep the windows closed during the summer, despite the heat.


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