An unknown client of the trading platform transferred to his address 280 million Status tokens and 28 million Power Ledger coins, users suspect that this transaction may be the result of hacking.

On the afternoon of January 17th, an unknown client of Bittrex exchange made three transactions of Status tokens for a total of 279 999 913 SNT ($6 580 000 at the current rate) and conducted three more operations with Power Ledger coins in 27 999 976 POWR ($2 771 997).

Reddit users began to actively discuss the incident and many suggested that the exchange could be attacked by hackers. This was influenced by the recent hacking of the New Zealand platform Cryptopia. Funds from Bittrex were transferred to an unknown address, which currently holds more than 100 different cryptocurrencies worth over $23.5 million.

The community believes that, most likely, it was a large purchase, although such a large limit on withdrawals looks extremely unusual. Representatives of the trading platform at the moment did not clarify this situation.


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