Poland will create a unified system of medical records based on the blockchain technology.

Wojciech Zavalsky, the member of the blockchain working group at the Ministry for the Implementation of Digital Technologies, told that Poland intends to use the blockchain technology in the Healthcare sector.

According to him, because of the need for additional expenditures and the complexity of the perception of existing IT-programs in the country, there is no unified system of electronic medical records (EDM).

In addition, Janusz Teshinsky, the Under Secretary of State for Healthcare, said that the paper document circulation underlying medical records is outdated and does not correspond to reality.

He mentioned: “The use of the blockchain technology will allow the introduction of a national Unified Medical Record system in Poland, like in Estonia and some other countries”.

Janusz Teshinsky also noted the ability of technology to generate and store data from a large number of objects and underlined the importance of fully secure storage. “In cases when the data is scattered across several objects and requires a long-term storage, the blockchain technology works fine based on data distribution”.


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