During the last twenty four hours, 8 of the top 10 digital assets decreased in value from 3.33% to 7.29%. Bitcoin Cash a loss of 3.32%, in addition TRON and XRP represented a negative shift around 4.34%. Ethereum Classic dropped 6.93%. Furthermore, Binance Coin and ZCash rose in price around 1.15% and 1.46%, accordingly.


The current value of Bitcoin is $4997.98 with a decline of 3.27% in price in a 24-hour period. In the BTC/USD market an exchange worth above 345 million occurred portraying a 13.07% portion of the daily exchange volume. The BTS/USDT pair depicts a 72.43% share.


The current price of Ethereum sitting at $164 illustrated a loss of 4.02%, with over $30 million worth of exchange in the EOS/USD portraying a market share of 5.95% of the worldwide daily amount. The ETH/USDT pair depicts a 49.81% share.


The EOS price dropped 5.51% presently sitting at $5.32. In the EOS/USD, EOS worth over $30 million of exchange took place. The EOS/USDT pair depicts a 42.10% share.


The value of LTC demonstrated an adverse change of 8.4% now sitting at $77. An exchange of more than $60 million worth of LTC occurred in a 24-hour time period presenting a market share of 5.62%. The LTC/USDT pair, being the largest LTC pair, depicts a share of 49.65%.


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