New AI ZWOOP Will Allow You To Spend Your Cryptocurrency In Any Online Store

The new service, based on artificial intelligence called Zwoop, is set to enter the e-commerce sector to fully shake it up.

The ultimate goal of Zwoop is to allow customers to spend cryptocurrency in any online store. Users of Zwoop connected to the price comparison page will have access to a platform that will allow them to make purchases and pay them at the best price using the Zwoop token.

The platform will be started up in the United Kingdom in September and its massive scale deployment and application will be carried out in the United States in the first months of 2019.

The Zwoop principle saves customers time by offering a comparison function and a completely secure solution for online shopping using blockchain technology. The main plus of Zwoop is that no personal data will be stored on the trading sites. Therefore, it not only gives users control over their costs, but also control over their data, which is perhaps the most important thing in this case.

The artificial intelligence constructed into Zwoop will be used to help the framework to understand e-commerce products and logistics, so it will be much easier for traders to combine Zwoop payments into their websites. Through artificial intelligence, human interaction will be insignificant, payments will be automated, and the platform will run on its own.


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