LITECOIN (LTC) Now Included In MONACO (MCO) Mobile Wallet

Litecoin (LTC), the seventh largest crypto currency in the world by market capitalization of more than $ 4.3 billion, was added to Monaco’s mobile wallet (MCO). Litecoin has joined four other crypto-currencies such as Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Binance Coin (BNB) and MCO, which are available on the platform.

MCO, previously Monaco, is a crypto-currency platform that enables customers to buy, exchange, transfer and spend cryptocurrencies from their smartphones. MCO Technology, the company  standing behind the MCO, has more than 180,000 downloads of mobile applications and more than 88,000 Visa MCO card bookings.

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MCO Technology, founded in 2016 and located in Switzerland, launched its mobile application in open beta testing on May 2018 after ICO climbed to $ 26.7 million in the middle of 2017. The company claims that the platform is intended “for consumers looking for an optimized, safe approach for buying, exchanging and sending crypto currency.”

The digital wallet should work with a Visa card, which, as soon as it is available, will allow users to manage their expenses in seven currencies and make purchases abroad. By the means of the online platform, users can monitor the exchange and use of ATMs, receive real-time transaction information and freeze the card with a single click.


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