MODEX Offers 1,000,000 Tokens To The Developers Of Blockchain

The Modex platform designs to turn into a place for developers who want to move to the development of blockchain. Modex will promote the first 1000 developers who joined the single platform with a bonus of 1000 tokens.

The new Modex Developer Platform is a full solution for developers. The aim of the platform is to enhance the quality and complexity of Blockchain development projects.

The core of the Modex platform is a developer module particularly intended to increase their opportunities, helping them to build decentralized solutions.

The Modex trading platform for blockchain with an integrated development platform was built to meet the needs of developers so that they could freely form the next generation of smart contracts. Project repository, problem tracking, project documentation and collaboration tools are functions available to developers.

To simplify the writing process and create smart contracts, the Modex team has integrated a set of oracles that will allow developers to safely call external APIs, and also offer developers an extensive set of tools that will help them in providing high-quality work.

Inspired by the rapidly changing needs of developers, Modex is working on creating a gaming platform for blockchain. Developers will also be able to use the integrated development environment (IDE), which is connected to a complex and stable blockchain-infrastructure, to build, test and deploy smart contracts and DApps.


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