Coinbase Polling Showed High Interest To Blockchain And Cryptocurrency In Universities

A recent study by Coinbase shows that university students showed great interest in courses related to blockchain technology and cryptocurrency, in addition to 18% of respondents who said they own at least one of the numerous cryptocurrencies.

A nationwide survey shows that 21 of the top 50 universities in the US, according to the U. S. News rating and the World Report, now offer courses on blockchain or cryptocurrency.

The best universities, such as Cornell, Stanford and Georgetown, are increasing their research capabilities of blockchain to meet the sudden surge in demand.

At New York University, Stern University business professor David Thermak said his blockchain course will be available for both semesters. The first session of the course began in 2014 and accepted only 35 students. By the spring of 2018, there were 280 listeners. Of these, 18% of respondents said they own a cryptocurrency. In addition, 9% of the students surveyed passed a course on cryptocurrencies, and 26% would like in the future.


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