The worldwide famous Liquid exchange platform has reported a new trading pair: Bitcoin Cash and USD Coin.

This new pair will allow all users to exchange Bitcoin Cash for the famous USD Coin stablecoin. Besides, users will have the chance to link accounts to’s new appl, called Bitcoin Cash Register, and get USD Coin directly. Users can exchange Bitcoin Cash  for Circle’s USD linked to the USD Coin.

Liquid was set up in 2014, it has achieved a name of highly ranked platform for a while. In one year, Liquid has done deals worth over $50 billion.

Bitcoin Cash and USD Coin help to include Liquid’s Bitcoin Cash Register. As soon as it is included, users will receive Bitcoin Cash fees and change into USD Coin through Liquid.

As traders get the chance to receive Bitcoin Cash and USD Coin, it will offer sellers a new opportunity. Connecting the application to the platform will take only a couple of seconds. The  team behind Liquid announced in details, that the future cooperation with the Bitcoin Cash Register app will be controlled by Liquid’s fast exchange, which enables crypto investors exchange one coin for another quickly.

The USD supported stablecoin started in 2018 and has been a famous tool for investment since then. USD Coin is also backed by other crypto foundation suppliers as well as other apps that provide coins via ERC20 model.

Users are pleased enough that Liquid added Bitcoin Cash and USD Coin pair, since it is quick, inexpensive and trustworthy. Everyone is able to join the platform and start trading Bitcoin Cash for USD Coin whenever they want. By signing up for the Liquid users can stay updated, they can check the seller’s app with their Bitcoin Cash address and receive cypto coins at their retail location.

The new Liquid Bitcoin Cash and USD Coin pair provides more cash flow and promotes higher liquidity in the platform





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