Binance Hackers Move $8 Million Worth of Stolen Bitcoin

More than 8 million USD worth of Bitcoin that had been stolen from crypto exchange Binance has suddenly moved.

707.1 Bitcoin, were transferred from the Bitcoin wallet of one of the hackers to a separate pair of addresses. Whale Alert, which is a twitter-based transaction monitor, detected 2 transfers, for 706.1 Bitcoin ($8 mln) and 1 Bitcoin ($11,384) respectively.

stolen bitcoin


Apparently, hackers have decided to make money on the growth of BTC price. According to Coinfirm company data, in June, hackers transferred 7,000 BTC to seven wallets.

After hacking in May, representatives of Binance stressed that the attack was well organized, and the time was chosen very well. Hackers used several initially unrelated accounts, and the transaction was structured so that it passed all security checks. The security system raised the alarm after the withdrawal.

At the same time, Binance stated that all losses would be covered from the reserve fund of the exchange. At that time, the cost of 7,000 BTC was about $41 mln.

Last month, BTC stolen from Bitfinex in 2016 also started moving for the first time. In a series of transactions, 172.54 BTC (about $1.37 million) were transferred from the wallet in which they were previously located.


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