Italian Vehicle Manufacturer will Reward Drivers with Cryptocurrency

Fiat and crypto are two very different things, and when two different things start affecting each other so much, there must be some kind of motion taking place behind the curtains that need to be unveiled. Something similar happened not so long ago where the eco-friendly car drivers of a specific manufacturer will be awarded a new type of fiat money, but in the end, it is all crypto. 

There is no longer the need to set up a mining farm within their cars for these drivers to be able to earn tokens while they are hitting the accelerator. You might not believe your ears, but this revelation that fiat in some sort of wording irony has provided a solution for this to the crypto world. 

You must all be much-hyped here, but it is going to decelerate pretty quickly when you come to know that the fiat here is not the fiat money, but the Italian vehicle manufacturer and its parent organization Stellantis has partnered with the Kiri technologies, and they will be rewarding the drivers in cryptocurrency for complying with the eco-friendly driving. People who have access to the Fiat 500 electric vehicle will be able to earn the KiriCoin for every kilometre they run, which is equal to two euro cents or about $0.024. And as for the drivers who can derive more mileage out of their vehicle’s energy, they will be susceptible to further rewards.

How Would the Process Entail itself?

For some of you who are thinking that it might be very complicated with this new revelation of receiving cryptocurrency while you do nothing but drive on the road, you are wrong. The process of retrieving your hard-earned crypto is fairly easy as you continue to drive your KiriCoins will accumulate within the virtual wallet present within the Fiat car app. The driving data, which is the speed and distance covered by the car, will be sent directly to the cloud, which is where the magic happens. Both your distance and speed of the car will get converted into the KiriCoins, and these will then be placed back into your virtual wallet. The processing of this information almost happens instantly, and the whole process is being backed up with higher security dimensions using blockchain algorithms.    

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