The DeFi Movement is Making Blockchain a Worthy Asset Class Commodity

The second-generation DeFi blockchains are said to possess a behemoth potential for the future of monetary and economic transaction structures. The asset locked inside DeFi is currently valued at over $13 billion. This amount is many folds higher than the annual GDP of a small developing nation. The decentralized finance system has the capability and space to compensate for a wider intervention of users and host universal accessibility channels for digital assets.

At the moment, all the forces of economies are driven by centralized financial institutions like banks and governments. Some of these parameters are also reflected and dictated by asset class commodities like Gold. However, the DeFi environment rewrites the same equation by replacing the ancient “constant” with a permanent “variable” of decentralization. The proportions of this new variable would be directly and inversely tied to factors that cannot be manipulated by a central authority figure.  

Open Finance Movement of DeFi 

The unification of digital forces can give rise to a new public revolution in the future. DeFi Open Finance Movement is the novel aggregate of public blockchains that represent the monetary system on the blockchain. The introduction of this game-changing asset exchange technology would enable the economies across the globes to merge and retain their unique identities at the same time. It is a public and transparent network that offers free access across borders and geological segregations. 

The driving components that sponsor DeFi include but are not limited to digital assets, off-chain protocols, dApps, and SmartContracts. For the first time in history, developers from all parts of the world have created financial services applications that are not tied to any centralized authority. Prolonged documentation process and user access limitations would be a thing of the past, as the people could act as their warrantors and authenticators. 

The Unlimited Reach of DeFi Protocols

The applications of DeFi protocols can drastically evolve remittance and forex markets. Many economists are already signaling the creation of a Kondratiev Wave due to the presence and dominance of crypto assets in the current investment and financial ecosystems. The crash of loan markets and the risks involved with online payments can be reduced significantly with the implementation of this system. 

The DeFi protocol gesticulates the eventual rise of decentralized exchanges or DEX. On the other hand, the development of better Oracle networks can pave the way to found un-tampered and secure inputs and outputs for SmartContracts. The programming pools of DeFi like PolkadotFoundary can help the users to create applications with infinite interoperability gauges. Original and sheathed lending platforms like NFT auctions, cross-chain DEX, real-time event data analysis, and randomized source management would enable the computing software to make accurate future projections.  

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