Ethereum Miners Can Use AMD GPUs Without Limitations

Mining Ethereum, even though a little bit difficult, is affordable due to specific functions that the makers of the miners add to the equipment. In a new twist, the makers of the mining equipment, AMD, have announced that it will not limit the mining abilities of its graphics cards. In an interview that the mining chips’ markers granted, they told the interviewer that the latest Radeon Graphics card RX 600 XT would not be limited from lining Ethereum.

The product manager says they won’t limit the ability of the chip

Giving his review, the product manager of the firm, Nish Neelalojanan, said in explicit terms that “the clear and simple answer to the question is a big NO. We are not going to streamline what the chip does and that includes mining activities.” Meanwhile, AMD’s main rival, Nvidia, has recently announced a new update regarding the last mining chips that it released.

In their official statement, Nvidia said that it would restrict some of the GPU miners’ functions, which would include streamlining Ethereum mining. Later, the company made a mistake as it announced that the new miners would also allow people to go more than the previous hash rate limits. Neelalojanan also mentioned that they are hoping that they would help miners instead of standing in their way.

Even though this is the latest update, the firm has also noted that the chips would first serve gamers before serving those who will use them for mining activities. The product manager pointed out that gamers would benefit more from the chips, and it would not serve miners the way it would serve them.

AMD says the chip is not the best options in the market

According to them, this recent design is made from the RDNA GPU architecture used for gaming purposes. He pointed out that the new RDNA 2 provides two times what the RDNA provides and helps gamers surpass a specific gaming limit. This is due to the infinity cache and the specifically chosen small bus width.

He said that miners would need the chips to work at a bandwidth that won’t serve them very well compared to serving gamers. In simpler terms, the latest GPU that AMD produced can be used for mining purposes, but miners should not expect it to be the best option that they can get in the market.

From the miner’s standpoint, using the latest AMD chip would allow them to mine Ethereum at a lower hash rate of 68 MH/s than the 120 MH/s that the Nvidia chip promises. The Ethereum mining community is presently bracing up for changes going by the recent unavailability of miners in the market. Over the past few months, they have had to fight off competition from gamers in terms of GPU chips.

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