Hong Kong University To Launch A Reality Classrom In the Metaverse

The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST) declared to organize the launch event of a virtual reality-based classroom on the Metaverse on 1st September. The event indicates the determination of HKUST’s strategy to advocate for additional learning via the construction of a virtual campus within the space of the Metaverse, under the title MetaHKUST.

HKUST Enters the Metaverse to Offer Virtual Reality-Based Classroom

A representative from the HKUST stated that the mixed reality-based classroom’s launch denotes the inauguration of a unique campus within Guangzhou city. The chairman for the Computational Media and Arts at the Guangzhou-based campus of the university, Pan Hui, added that many of the guests might be overseas and unable to attend the occasion physically, thus the event will also be hosted by them in the world of the Metaverse.

With the construction of MetaHKUST, the strategy of the organization is to develop a learning atmosphere that creates a linkage between the Guangzhou and Hong Kong-based two campuses of the institution. Through this connection, HKUST expects to assist the students in coping with the geographical limitations while participating in the classes.

Though the universities throughout the world shifted over to the platforms like Zoom to organize online classes amid the COVID-19 pandemic, Hui is of the view that getting education within the Metaverse is more beneficial for the students because it advocates for an advanced level of interaction. In the words of the vice president of HKUST’s institutional advancement – Wang Yang – notwithstanding the promising nature of technology, the metaverse will keep on progressing.

Metaverse to Stay and Revolutionize the Tech World

Incorporating a huge series of the utilities of the Metaverse, Law Edwin Tong (the Second Minister for Law in Singapore) suggested that the respective technology can be put into practice in the case of the proceedings of legal marriages, and government services, as well as the court-based disputes. He opined that Metaverse technology provides the opportunity to analyze reality from a more detailed perspective.

He moved on to say that the utilization of this technology will not put a stop to the use of the conventional hearings (that are done offline). According to him, a hybrid scenario will be presented by taking both the traditional hearings as well as the Metaverse simultaneous to each other to examine the legal disputes in an elaborative manner.

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