Major US Ticketing Firm Ticketmaster Plans To Explore New Revenue Streams Using NFTs

An exclusive posting released on the behalf of the largest ticketing firm within the United States, Ticketmaster, discloses a considerable in delving into the unique streams while utilizing non-fungible tokens (NFTs). Throughout a previous couple of years, musicians, artists, as well as the sports industry assisted in pushing the NFT venue into the mainstream and the fan engagement was elevated to a great extent.

Ticketmaster Issues a Job Posting for Product Manager to Deal with NFT Ticketing Tooling

On the contrary, several among the common masses entered escalated the hype related to gaining profits by using the secondary market to resell the collectibles. As the hype dealing with the non-fungible tokens is declining by this year’s mid, the firms and entrepreneurs are moving toward unique use cases that are added to just collectibles. A study organized on the behalf of Big 4 accounting company Deloitte in recent May pointed out the ecosystem’s untouched potential to open up exclusive markets related to the sports industry.

After the suit, the recent job posting of Ticketmaster to appoint a product manager to organize the NFT Ticketing Tooling brings to the front that the venue is inclined to introduce enterprise products (that would be based on NFTs) throughout the entirety of the content categories taking into account music and sports. The role additionally demands the development of fresh goods as well as services coping with the future requirements of the NFT business of the company.

Binance Enters NFT Ticketing

With the latest New York-based role, the platform of Ticketmaster is focusing on NFTs’ productization while adding to its recently launched marketplace of non-fungible tokens. In the same way, the crypto exchange giant “Binance” has presently become a part of the business of NFT ticketing through collaboration with Società Sportiva Lazio (a prominent football club) for its season of the current as well as the next year.

In the declaration of Binance, the exchange venue emphasized that the matters of scalping as well as fake tickets could be solved with the utilization of the NFT tickets. Apart from the provision of access to occasions, Binance as a strategy to put the NFT-based tickets into practice for a diversity of the use cases, taking into account being benefited from the store as well as personalized experiences along with the match discounts.

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