A New York-based news company, Fortune, has named Ripple Labs one of the best work environments from small and middle-sized companies in the San Francisco area. Ripple Labs is a large Silicon Valley blockchain business that is the creator of the third largest cryptocurrency by volume, XRP, and is most connected to the global financial sector from all the large blockchain companies.

After the announcement, the Chief Executive Officer of the company, Brad Garlinghouse, took to Tweeter to express how humbled he is every day to work with the talented employees of the company. Ripple Labs was the only blockchain-based company on the list by Fortune and was positioned 25th.

According to the review, the management of Ripple Labs is always transparent with the staff about everything that goes on. The company focuses on honesty as well as integrity, which is extremely refreshing as Ripple Labs continues to develop and expand from a startup to a larger company.

Almost a year ago, in February of last year, Ripple, along with giant companies such as Hilton as well as Nvidia, was named one of the best companies to work for. Ripple Labs, a firm that is working towards changing the international payment network, since then has seen great growth. Now the company officially has over 300 partners and after receiving 200 million USD for funding has a net worth of 10 billion USD. In the United States, Ripple currently has a staff of over 200 professionals.

For their list, an anonymous poll was carried out by Fortune with more than 30,000 participating employees. The magazine took into consideration the management, the environment of the workplace and numerous other factors.


Ripple has been seeing rapid growth throughout the past years and is expected to have a great future. To get more information on Ripple & XRP price, take a look at Ripple Price updates and Ripple (XRP) Price Predictions.

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