The famous cryptocurrency millionaire Erik Finman, who previously stated that Bitcoin is “dead”, has changed his opinion and now believes that it can be “revived”.

According to Finman, one of the main reasons for the growth of Bitcoin is the interest of large institutional organizations in the cryptocurrency sphere. For instance, Facebook is developing its own cryptocurrency GlobalCoin, which should appear next year.

Finman mentioned: “2019 will be the analogue of 2017 for Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Digital assets are gaining momentum and everything that is happening now in the technology and finance industry contributes to the growth of Bitcoins and cryptocurrencies. Blockchain is the newest and most fashionable technology.”

The investor also noted that for even wider adoption of the first cryptocurrency, it is necessary to reduce commissions in the Bitcoin network and speed up the confirmation of transactions. This is necessary in order to remain relevant in an “ecosystem full of different cryptocurrencies”.

He noted: “People who live and breathe Bitcoin usually work with the same enthusiasts and forget that for ordinary people a push is needed to become part of a cryptocurrency community.”

Previously, Finman stated that Bitcoin still has one or two growth periods left and then more promising coins like ETH and ZEC will overtake it.


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